i took a picture of my insides

august. never ethereal.
all body all submerged psyche, all now.
fleshed together, diving inside each other's
darkness like night swimming.
the danger all around thrills us as much
as the heavy smooth water slipping
around us in embrace.
swallowing salt water,
moon eclipsed, the stars are hid.
there is no wrong no right in this place.
underworld or utopia.
they are not mutually exclusive.
the definitions are blurred by water,
or tears.
the shore where our clothes lay strewn
is so far away,
a place half-remembered.
we may never go back there
ever again.

. . . .

it seems like everyone is losing their mind to a dark impulse, coughing up bile, coughing up weed tar, angry, mixing up love and hate and feeding it to each other out of sweating highball glasses at the late night places. strange, disturbing phone calls at 5am, voices disemboweled of meaning, wraiths of needing and chaos, dislocated into a receiver. stripped of identity. i wonder in these days how Persephone felt in august, body heavy, beginning to sink through the earth, ankles a little muddy. if she felt a spirit stirring in her ribcage, a shadow cast over herself. i wonder if somewhere inside she thrilled at the thought of going back under to the animal core, to the night-place.

"i'm afraid of who you are"

it feels like this;i'd forgotten how chilly and unnerving the song is itself with all that bronski beat stuff going on, wistful and urging and stripped down.


summer spell

nan goldin
nan goldin

. . . .

and after all the summer spells and trials, puffy faced from humidity and humanity what was it all for.

if you answered for a mixtape that drapes across you like the sweaty legs of your listless and discontented lover tangled on a bare mattress with the shades drawn down against the august noon then you have never been more right. my friend.

//summer spell mixtape//

a little summercamp romance, a little wistful, a little lazy, a little ennui. lie back in front of the fan on the floor with some lukewarm lemonade and close your eyes, wish for Fall and the smell of freshly sharpened pencils.
the Feeling will return.
it always does.

link// http://www.mediafire.com/?0hl8cfudh16ippf

1- Sleepwalker: Johnny & Santo

2-Summer Kisses Winter Tears: Elvis Presley
3- Fever:The Cramps
4-Can't Seem to Make You Mine: The Seeds
5-Baby, Please Don't Go: The Ballroom
6-I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms: The Modern Lovers
7-Celebrated Summer: Husker Du
8-Like A Virgin: Lords of The New Church
9-Just Like Heaven: Dinosaur Jr.
10-Us vs. Them: Common Prayer
11-O Dana: Big Star
12-Make Out Club: Unrest
13-Turnstile Blues: Autolux
14- Miami: Foals
15-Psychic Hearts: Thurston Moore
16- Your Fat Body: The Procedure Club
17- Sun Was High(So Was I): Best Coast
18- Heat Distraction- Women
19-Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping- Grouper
20-Don't Come Around Here No More- Tom Petty (Tie-dye remix)

++++ and a bonus, which didn't fit anywhere on the mix. enjoy.

Mark Ronson & Ghostface Killah- Lose It in the End

in case you are as much an appreciator of tom petty covers as myself: gifts.

1, 2

brothers and sisters and brothers and sisters

Glen and Cathy

Flowers for Sale on Sharps Lot Road

Simon and Jon 1981

1981 Germany Werner, Marianna's Brother & Brett

My Brother & I, Summer 1958

sisters_1 copy

1980 - 1981 074

Picture 8

in the summer
i dream all night
of my siblings;
sand and corn syrup.

credits in the comments.


Samuel Johnson Is Indignant:

that Scotland has so few trees.

-Lydia Davis, from Samuel Johnson Is Indignant