this print is going to be here. inside the chicago reader box.
for you.

a goodie bag full of assorted surprise:


1. on 103rd St and S Doty, right by the skyway, there is a downed highway streetlamp laying aside the road- enormous, and still lit, like a very small sun or a great big wounded firebug. this part of 103 that runs by the skyway is isolated and flanked by open fields, and the streetlamp can be seen from at least a mile off in the darkness. it is bizarre and beautiful. go there with a friend and photograph it.

2. do you know about the rock quarry in Bridgeport? this is a romantic place for a midnight stroll. it used to be a toxic landfill. find love here.

if you see me tonight, i will have my tarot cards. if you ask me for a reading, i will read your fortune.

still saying yes.




it always feels bigger than a constellation
and hurts worse than.
it fades.
your body removes,
then everything else follows.

until you


still tryin
screenprint,ink (2010)





Yoko Ono's 1960 performance of "Cut Piece" (thank you Raabia)

on the beach

a cure for the common heartbreak.

today is a good day to say Yes to everything.


............. ..... dark dance .... .........

Ikeda Carlotta

mary wigman-witch dance

almost November now. closed eyes, hands out, in a trance.
you seek warmth, i seek impermanence, that root there.
ever wonder why we curl into ourselves and call it the fetal position?
that ideal state, warm and alone, connected but isolated, there but absent.
floating in inner space, fed by love.
the cozy spaceman.

we are all trying to get back to that dream-space, utopos right.
animals just go away to the cold cave to sleep it off.
we call it hibernation and talk dreamy about getting it right,
getting right back,
right back,
eyes closed,
womb time.


it's fun to do bad things

bowie-breaking glass

nick lowe-i love the sound of breaking glass

Destruction can also be a creative impulse, maybe the most human of all.



Just give everything away. Any question today I respond to with a 'Yes'. Why not?

These are things I want to give away today.

Free Ideas:

1. For a performance: 50 assorted people standing or sitting silently in a space, not interacting with each other in the slightest way. Every one of those people has a cell phone,on which they are texting. At pre-selected intervals of time, each of those people will send a text message that will trigger a remote device and detonate a small bomb in abandoned lots, where cameras will be pre-installed to capture the explosion. A separate room will serve as a viewing room for the footage, displayed on 50 screens mounted together on a wall.

2. There is an abandoned church on 29th and State. Enter this church and fill it with 100 white helium balloons. Don't document it. Just leave when you are done.

3. Here is a packet of art theory readings that will maybe change your life. I hope they do.


Bertolt Brecht, “Popularity and Realism”
Lukacs, "The Ideology of Modernism"
Arlene Croce, "Discussing the Undiscussable"

Did you hear that the longest tunnel in the history of mankind was completed today? Enough rock quarried from the Alps to make 5 Egyptian pyramids all over again. The Swiss official on the radio, his voice saying,
"we're number 1 in tunnels".

Lee Miller, From the Top of the Great Pyramid, 1937


sober october

tammy winette: 'til i get it right


Do You Think That

Do you think that if
you once do what you want
to do you will want not to do it

Do you think that if
there's an apple on the table
and somebody eats it, it
won't be there anymore

Do you think that if
two people are in love with one another,
one or the other has got to be
less in love than the other at
some point in the otherwise happy relationship.

Do you think that if
you once take a breath, you're by
that committed to taking the next one
and so on until the very process of
breathing's an endlessly expanding need
almost of its own necessity forever.

Do you think that if
no one knows then whatever
it is, no one will know and
that will be the case, like
they say, for an indefinite
period of time it such time
can have a qualification of such time.

Do you know anyone,
really. Have you been, really,
much alone. Are you lonely,
now, for example. Does anything
really matter to you, really, or
has anything mattered. Does each
thing tend to be there, and then not
to be there, just as if that were it.

Do you think that if
I said, I love you, or anyone
said it, or you did. Do you
think that if you had all
such decisions to make and could
make them. Do you think that
if you did. That you really
would have to think it all into
reality, that world, each time, new.

-Robert Creeley