some bike lust

My bike was jacked a few weeks ago and while upsetting, it does give me a chance to drool over some new bikes.

Picture 7
Raleigh vintage frame fixie with classy matching cognac saddle and tape. I would probably further trick this out with colored walls and vanity crankset. What can I say I'm soooooooo vain.

Picture 5
Fuji Feather 2010 fixie. How hot is this frame.

Picture 6
Vintage Schwinn Traveler conversion. Hate the tape, love everything else. How fresh would this look with robin's egg tape and a white back rack and basket.

Picture 4
Republic Bikes custom converter. I would get a different set of bars for this, probably just classic rams. Sexy, non?

If you thought I'd leave you without showing yet more bike helmets that don't look foolish, you haven't been reading this blog very long have you. The Homeric quest to find a perfect helmet continues.

Picture 9

The new Bern Brighton covers if pink and aqua are your thing and really, whose thing are they not.

Picture 8
These Giros come in a lot of nice colors and are super light. Look at the awesome gold script! My quest may soon be drawing to a close.


be Here now.





Others and mine(last).



everyone loves the sunshine


A mix composed to accompany foggy summer mornings spent looking out of the window and daydreaming. Sad synth for inner space-ing.

Track List

01- Round and Round -Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
02-Wild Horses-Prefab Sprout
03- Jack Kerouac- Gang 90
04- I'm in Love with a German Film Star- The Passions
05-Lover-Roxy Music

06-Weak for Me- Nite Jewel
07-You Hear Colors- CFCF
08-Pull Up to the Bumper- Grace Jones [Larry Levan Garage remix]
09-Oblivious- Aztec Camera
10-Run for the Sun-Brett Smiley
11-Lorelei- Tom Tom Club
12-Superlady-Jeff Phillips
13-Albatross- Fleetwood Mac
14-Let the World Turn-DEATH
15-Daydream-Gunter Kallman Chor
16-I Want to Thank You (for Stepping into my Life)-Dam Funk
17-Everyone Loves the Sunshine-Roy Ayers
18-Ring Ring-Sleigh Bells

Download here.