Ikea circa 1965

I just peeked these fabulous scans of an Ikea catalog from 1965 . . . I wish Ikea would re-create some of these pieces for 2010, don't you?

I love love this egg-chair interpretation. Ikea, are you listening?

Is that ASTRO-TURF? It sure looks like it and it is CRAZY in a very, very good way with the white armoire and prints on the wall.
The use of orange and teal would normally be vomitous as a palette, but doesn't it just work here? It looks great with the amber wood pieces, and the touches of white in the lamp, curtains, and borders, along with the robin's egg-blue of the one accent wall, make it look so fresh.
Those couches: YES, YES Y'ALL. The pillows, not so much.

Thanks to ikke tikke theo for these.

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