Ombre Hair

Can you get with it? Or do you hate it?

First there was SJP/Carrie, who rocked the grown-out roots for a few seasons:

Then these more dramatic versions began popping up, on Alexa Chung and others:

(via garence)

On my dream girl Lou Dillion in 2007:

And recently, looking less "oops haven't been to the salon in awhile", more dip-dyed:

(from top, refinery 29, the sartorialist)

I'm considering doing the fade, but I'd rather it look like I spent 4 months swimming in the Mediterranean sun and haven't bothered with it into the winter. When I was younger, the summers would bleach my hair to a golden hue, and I remember the fascinated pride with which I bore my summer ends as my winter roots came in; the golden ends seemed a comforting presence, a representation of the summer that had passed into darkness, soon to return.


  1. love love love! My favorite is seeing it go from navy or brown to snowy white. It's so exciting.

  2. Yes I do love the first image the best . . . the brassy ends, not so sure. I wonder if doing bleach white ends would be terribly high-maintenance?I suppose if they got too damaged they could be lopped off with ease.