Community Sponsored Agriculture:Type Specimen


I made this type specimen for a typography class last semester; it intends to show off Gil Sans in all its glory, while providing information about and resources for the community sponsored agriculture movement. I've written about my CSA in this blog before; it's a concept and commitment that has changed my life, specifically, in how I think about food and myself as a consumer. I know the farmer that grows my food; I see her every week and we talk about the weather conditions on the farm, the challenges of transporting hundreds of pounds of food 90 miles, and sometimes just trade recipes for the vegetables she knows so intimately. These veggies are often dusted with dirt, and packed with care inside of a waxed box by the interns at the farm, who sometimes slip little poems in with the fennel, and who tell me their favorite storage techniques as they help me load up my bicycle basket. The seeds that grow these veggies are often antique or 'heirloom', a practice that is quickly growing extinct as mono-cultures take over agricultural methods in the US. In short, I could never imagine having the same soulful relationship I have my food if I was making it out of mealy, anonymous supermarket super-veggies.

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The physical copy of this book was printed on 90 lb archival china white paper, the cover on 120 lb white rag paper, and hand-bound with a letter stitch. If you're interested in a pdf copy, comment away.

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