everyone loves the sunshine


A mix composed to accompany foggy summer mornings spent looking out of the window and daydreaming. Sad synth for inner space-ing.

Track List

01- Round and Round -Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
02-Wild Horses-Prefab Sprout
03- Jack Kerouac- Gang 90
04- I'm in Love with a German Film Star- The Passions
05-Lover-Roxy Music

06-Weak for Me- Nite Jewel
07-You Hear Colors- CFCF
08-Pull Up to the Bumper- Grace Jones [Larry Levan Garage remix]
09-Oblivious- Aztec Camera
10-Run for the Sun-Brett Smiley
11-Lorelei- Tom Tom Club
12-Superlady-Jeff Phillips
13-Albatross- Fleetwood Mac
14-Let the World Turn-DEATH
15-Daydream-Gunter Kallman Chor
16-I Want to Thank You (for Stepping into my Life)-Dam Funk
17-Everyone Loves the Sunshine-Roy Ayers
18-Ring Ring-Sleigh Bells

Download here.

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