"Okay, yes. Let's do this. Let's.

I feel ready. I am ready. I am unafraid. I've already thrown a lot of the past to the wind. Can't say I miss it. I am busy Being Present, like the Yogis. Not the ones who live in yellowstone National Park, though those are cute too. Yes, I can make these changes. I can accept these things. I want brilliant sacrafices, spectacular failures, sky-sized dreams, manic times again. I want newness. I am changing, different colors every second like a river in different times of day. I am ready to surprise myself. I am ready to love, but not the same things as before. I packed away many of those old tired out things, the silly vain dreams and boys who thought they wanted me without knowing what that was, people with too much to prove, myself, seven inches of my hair in a box smelling like gardenia, very victorian, nostalgia is very victorian and very magic but I am ready for new types of magic, potent and human. Beginning with me."

(i've been reading my old livejournal. this post was from September 18, 2006. i was 23.)

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