nil always

90 degrees it's september 22
an autumnal rumspringa or the
flyleaf on the summer before it's case-closed or else we're ascribing
meaning to
nothing like "per always", shouting
nothing, nil! heil! herr docktor herr face under quartzlight
zigfried follies with the bar-flies
we're outside the bar talking reverent reverend
about some guy's condo beautiful countertops
jacuzzi tub tah die for,
going back home to sleep on dirty rented carpet,
waking up late haven't eaten for, like, 17 hours,
naturally lifted,
or maybe just light-headed
, don't drink the lite stuff
except when i drink the lite stuff
today is just last night flipped inside out
upside down
like a jell-o mold it comes out
perfect and quivering,
i'm watching you put your face against the windowglass
and make alien faces slug trails teeth gnashing
learning to love you more, boo
and tomorrow i will, too
today i'm just hanging upside down by a
scuffed sneaker shouting nil, nothing, heil, herr dockter,
her face under moonlight or was it quartz
watching the seasons change like the sky in that chris isaak video like
yeah i'll always
love, again.

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