Just give everything away. Any question today I respond to with a 'Yes'. Why not?

These are things I want to give away today.

Free Ideas:

1. For a performance: 50 assorted people standing or sitting silently in a space, not interacting with each other in the slightest way. Every one of those people has a cell phone,on which they are texting. At pre-selected intervals of time, each of those people will send a text message that will trigger a remote device and detonate a small bomb in abandoned lots, where cameras will be pre-installed to capture the explosion. A separate room will serve as a viewing room for the footage, displayed on 50 screens mounted together on a wall.

2. There is an abandoned church on 29th and State. Enter this church and fill it with 100 white helium balloons. Don't document it. Just leave when you are done.

3. Here is a packet of art theory readings that will maybe change your life. I hope they do.


Bertolt Brecht, “Popularity and Realism”
Lukacs, "The Ideology of Modernism"
Arlene Croce, "Discussing the Undiscussable"

Did you hear that the longest tunnel in the history of mankind was completed today? Enough rock quarried from the Alps to make 5 Egyptian pyramids all over again. The Swiss official on the radio, his voice saying,
"we're number 1 in tunnels".

Lee Miller, From the Top of the Great Pyramid, 1937

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