this print is going to be here. inside the chicago reader box.
for you.

a goodie bag full of assorted surprise:


1. on 103rd St and S Doty, right by the skyway, there is a downed highway streetlamp laying aside the road- enormous, and still lit, like a very small sun or a great big wounded firebug. this part of 103 that runs by the skyway is isolated and flanked by open fields, and the streetlamp can be seen from at least a mile off in the darkness. it is bizarre and beautiful. go there with a friend and photograph it.

2. do you know about the rock quarry in Bridgeport? this is a romantic place for a midnight stroll. it used to be a toxic landfill. find love here.

if you see me tonight, i will have my tarot cards. if you ask me for a reading, i will read your fortune.

still saying yes.

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