judith butler motherfuckers


You honestly think I give a fuck about what you wore today?

For real, real?

While you were outside of a Starbucks.

Tweeting low-res pics of your hindquarters.

Showing off your crotch blowout.

I was in a fucking mine shaft.

Fading my selvedge.

And reading Glenn O’drama’s bio.

On my iPad.

You city slickers slay me.

You really do.

But I guess if Rozay is a dealer.

And Yeezy is a martyr.

Then y’all are some rugged motherfuckers.

But on the real.

When’s the last time you heard it like this?

Henley and suspenders.

Scragglepuss beard and lived in White’s.

Clay pomade and fucking boulders.

Do they let you bring a shovel to brunch?

At Balthazar?

Didn’t think so.

Just because I look like a 49er.

Doesn’t mean my swagger isn’t on a hundred.



I’m chillin’ in the Sierra Nevada.

Somewhere near Kings Canyon.

Prospecting for steez.

You’re drinking a Sierra Nevada.

Somewhere near Flatbush.

Prospecting for chicks with septum piercings. "



preach it.

(subtitle: macho can die as far
as i'm concerned.
and worse yet "real") (yeah i 've been reading judith butler,



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  2. oh i meant to reply to this anonymous comment, which said:

    Wow, you're really angry. I don't mean that to be rude either. I've noticed your posts have been becoming more and more negative; you seems like you're deeply unhappy. Maybe you need to get help. You'll probably tell me to fuck off for saying all this, but my comments come from a place of concern.

    and my reply is:

    it seems weird that you follow my blog and have concern for my well-being enough to make a comment but not email me?

    and far from being angry(that text comes from fuckyeamenswear and it is meant to be "humorous"), i challenge you to examine your own notions of macho, and why it might make someone feel threatened, or, indeed, angry. being angry is not, i think, sufficient cause for being pathologized by anonymous people.