may the bridges i burn light the way

(text from Beverley Hills 90210, episode 119 "Things That Go Bang in the Night!", 1994 performed by Tiffani Thiessen,Jason Priestly, Luke Perry)

Valerie Malone: All right you want the truth? The truth is I can't do this anymore. I can't go to these KEG frat parties or hang out with your square, straight-arrow friends knowing that Dylan is all by himself going down and down, and I'm the only one there to keep him afloat!
Brandon Walsh
: That's his choice.
Valerie Malone : How can you say that? You told me that you are willing to let me start over 20 times if you have to. What did Dylan ever do to you that was so terrible that you have to completely shut him out?
Brandon Walsh : He knows if he wants help, all he has to do is ask.
Valerie Malone : But he is crying for help! Can't you see that? Dylan is so angry at himself, angry at the world for being lied to and betrayed by people he's come to like and trust that he doesn't know how. God, what kind of rock-bottom are you waiting for him to hit? The kind where he might end up dead? He's over there right now drugged out of his mind.
Brandon Walsh : He's taking drugs now?
Valerie Malone : Yeah, hard stuff. This is just like watching my father all over again in the weeks before he blew his own brains out. Feeling he's lost everything, nothing to live for, cleaning his gun, debating with himself whether or not to put it to his temple and...
Brandon Walsh : Wait a minute. What gun?
Valerie Malone : You know what I'm talking about. Some pistol he bought from a street dealer. You told me that he almost shot you with it just last year.
Brandon Walsh : He told me he got rid of it.
Valerie Malone : Well, apparently he lied.
Brandon Walsh : That's not the first time he's done that. Or for that matter... you.

Valerie Malone: Dylan, what are the bullets for?
Dylan McKay
: They're for the gun.
Valerie Malone : What's the gun for?
Dylan McKay : It kind of goes with the bullets.

[Dylan, high on drugs, shoots his gun at a paper Halloween skeleton sitting in an armchair]
Dylan McKay : What are you laughing at?

Brandon Walsh : [trying to wake up Dylan sleeping on his living room couch] Dylan? Dylan, come on man. Come on Dylan. Hey, come on. Wake up! Hey, hey, hey, hey. Come on. Come on, let's walk around here a little bit huh?
Dylan McKay : I'm fine! What, you think I O.D.? I was alseep.
Brandon Walsh : Must be a heavy sleeper. It took me nearly two minutes to wake you up.
Dylan McKay: Just very tired.
Brandon Walsh : Big day shooting up the house?
Dylan McKay: What house? This isn't my house. Don't got a house. I got nothing. No house. No money. No friends or family. Hey, where's my gun?
Brandon Walsh : Look, Dylan... I know that Kevin and Suzanne ripped you off, but... I'm really sorry. The only thing I can say is you gotta get over it.
Dylan McKay: [sarcastic] Yeah, I'll get over it... first thing in the morning.
Brandon Walsh : All right fine, then don't get over it! But do something besides just getting wasted everyday. I mean, what are you saying, man? That there was never anything more than money...
Dylan McKay: [interrupting] Don't... don't come over here after two months and start analyzing me! What do you know? How do you get so wise and come over here? Man, you live at home. You live the most cuddled existence of anybody that I know, and yet you come in here and tell me that you have some idea of what I'm going through. Man, you have no idea to what I am going through!
Brandon Walsh : Don't try to turn this around. This isn't about me.
Dylan McKay: No, it's never about you, isn't it Brandon? It's about Brenda. Brenda's got guts, man. She had the guts and moved away to another continent just to get away from you and everyone else in this evil world we live in!
Brandon Walsh : Dylan, at this point in time, I'm just about the only friend you've got. You sure you want to do this? Push me away like you've done to everyone else?
Dylan McKay: Yeah! May the bridges I burn light the way!
Brandon Walsh : Okay...
Dylan McKay: Brandon! Don't take my gun. If you walk out of here with it, I'll call the cops on you myself!
Brandon Walsh : Go ahead. My license plate number is 3E5503. Want me to write it down?
Dylan McKay: No... just go. Get out. Leave me alone. GET OUT!

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