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Morning, kiddies! In an effort to minimize my guilt over refreshing the Craigslist 'furniture' listings when I'm in no position to splurge on any of the beauty contained within, I am passing on the wealth to you, dear reader!

Look at this dear Danish Mod easy chair; doesn't it just look so deliciously stuffed yet sleek? The wood looks to be walnut, and the seller says the upholstery is original. Speaking of, isn't the fabric PERFECT? It's cozy like a plaid, perfectly neutral, and still looks modern and neat! I just want to cozy up on it and read Nancy Drew mysteries. If this was at Brimfield I bet it would be thousands of dollars, but behold!

OK y'all, listen. I know you can never have too many chairs in your home. This pastel mint green plastic number is endlessly charming to me with its playful color and serious wooden arms. It would look great in a study with a pile of books and a globe resting atop, or, you know, you could actually use your chairs to sit in! Novelty! The best part?40 bucks.

Alright! I love daybeds! So much so that I turned my futon into one, with a new cover and a pile of pillows. It's my favorite place to read and flop about. This one looks like a little mid-century modern ship . . . and look at that mustard color. It's super long, too, which would accommodate many bottoms at one time. It's a tad pricy but so worth it.

Not loving the lamp, but a great set for those seeking furniture for the study . . . this could really be taken to a new place with the addition of a few well-chosen objects to clutter on top and a cute throw rug underneath.
And the price is nice.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.This is just insane in the best way possible. A green fiberglass pendant seems absolutely essential right now. Sort of like the Bertjan Pot Moooi lights, which are feeling so played-out, but a million times more awesome and crazy. Not for the shy.

So there you have it! Go forth, and bargain.

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