So we are in agreement, we are all sick with nasty viral turn-of-the-season illnesses, yes?

I'm bundled in a lambswool blanket, watching the sky darken out the front house windows, my collection of potions and pills cluttering a serving tray by my side. The tray's combinations will lead to my inevitable good health, and include:


Vitamin C: the infection-killer. Taken every 2 hours, doubled up, two packets per glass of water.


Elderberry Extract: immune-boosting flavanoids, to be consumed every 2 hours, one tablespoon.


Echinacea and Golden Seal: Native infection cure. Take 2 dropper-fulls, or 2 tablets, every 2


FluGo is a homeopathic remedy that includes Ferrum phosphoricum, a biochemical salt useful for internal disinfection during early stages of cold and flu, Nat. mur., an excellent tonic against tiredness and excess muccus, and Alium cepa, red onion extract. Like with all homeopathic rememdies, take on a clean mouth, dissolved under the tounge.

In addition, I sip ginger tea with a touch of agave nectar throughout the day: it keeps me feeling alert and warm, and soothes my tummy.

We'll be well in no time.

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