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I'm broke. Who else is broke? Let's see a show of hands. You there in the back, with your hand down and the monocle! You're in the wrong class (or the right socio-economic one, lucky duck!) because today we're going fantasy shopping at Rare Device, a San Francisco design shop and gallery! Oh well, you can stay if you promise to share your spoils.

Let's begin, class:

Rare Device excels in cultivating a charmingly modern rustic style, using local artists of the same mind to litter its shop with handmade homegoods and art.

We begin with their ceramics, which inspire a passionate object-lust in me unmatched by few other things.

rainbow bird tile , the mason jar, sake set, Diana Fayt salt and pepper cellars, Terracotta and ceramic vase

The bird tile is a functional trivet, so when it's not on my (fantasy kitchen wall) it's on the table, supporting my casseroles. The mason jars I would stuff with a few birch tree-branches in the fall, and fill with homemade sangria in the summer. And oh, that sake jar. Not a household that consumes sake regularly enough to justify its intentioned function, it would be resting on the floor with its aesthetic brethren, the Ikea PS vases. The salt and pepper cellars are a perfect answer to the ubiquitous wood or acrylic shakers that most everyone uses, if you don't insist on fresh ground pepper and sea salt. And the terracotta-peekaboo-top ceramic-glazed vases I would love to turn into squat pendant lamps, with the help of a friendly electrician and a cord set.

small tripod pot

I especially love the oh-so-ingenious tripod pot. Not only is it gorgeous, it would eliminate the huge water marks left by traditional flower and plant pots on my wooden deck.
Jo Bayer barnacle container

Isn't this barnacle hanging container the loveliest? I'd love to see 3 or 4 hanging in a row over my work desk to hold paintbrushes, tacks, and other sundry object. Sigh. Someday, barnacle loves!

Moving on to light-emitting objects:
letter lights, , milk glass pendant

And on the subject of ingenious, how about these wonderful letter pendant lights? I would love to get four to spell out 'H O M E" over our farmer's style table. The milk glass light captures my love for the delicate rustic style of the vintage milk glass trinkets I amass religiously. The light shining through these babies looks like a perfect glow for a dining area and I love the saucer repurposed as a base.

Taxidermy 202: Advanced

So the taxi-trend is reaching a fever pitch, and here is an advanced specimen for your consideration:

Rachel Denny cabled knit buck head, swallow bk pewter cast bird feet

Aren't these delightfully odd? The Rachel Denny knit deer head, made of poly, wood, and wool knit, is a sophisticated, coy, and beautiful twist on the dead things we have been tacking to our walls and perching on our mantels in the past year. Those adjectives do not normally co-exist together, readers! For those of us in upper-tax brackets, the $650 will find you a recipient of a smart little deer to call your own, in a decidedly handmade soup-to-nuts approach. Swallow (a Brooklyn NY outfit), marches on with some charming pewter-cast bird feet. I would prop this on our fantasy dining room table and encourage dinner-party guests to speculate on the species of bird-feet this cruelty-free piece is based on. Fun and decorative? It is!

Rare Device, what can I say? I'm in love. Thanks for letting us press our grubby noses to your shop windows today.

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