Stephen Kane Monologue: Communal Archived Memory

8:26 AM Stephen: lilili

Stephen: XXX was good, i didnt ask about bf, i kissed her on the cheek cuz i was too scared for the lips, she was doing some thing somewherethe weird thing is she knows kinda where she is but is still all like high school about it
just an asian girl dropping acid in the eleventh grade
8:59 AM i should have been more forward
i dont know, that's the weird thing about everything
9:00 AM remember the first person that ever liked you?
how psyched you were?
even if he/she looked like they were bred in the midwest

. . . . . . . . .

9:04 AM i never told you, but when YYY found out, she came over my house hysterically screaming
threw a cellphone at my forehead
the neighbors called the cops
9:05 AM it was horrible, she was gone by the time they came, and they were just giggling like lil suburban cops

6 minutes
9:11 AM Stephen: are you still in love with people that are over?
the weird thing, it's always obviously the idea and not the person
9:12 AM like me and XXX have this archived memory of the night we met
9:13 AM magical lower east side, before they were best new music
when the album came out, i was wishing for a 7.9
anything not 8.2
9:16 AM

9:17 AM it was her birthday party last night
and i spent the entire night on the couch with this girl who had become a yankee fan two years ago
just on and on about derek jeter/ bernie williams
9:18 AM then she told me she was 20
but there's something about that age, do you remember it?
the thrill of underage abandomnet
9:19 AM i'm just going off, but i was happy yesterday
and now i'm like hyped but feeling a little less enthusiastic
9:21 AM the one thing is, i love you writing
9:22 AM i just remember reading your proust essay, the flow, and you wrote so effortlessly
remember how mads i got about your O paper you wrote in like 3 hours?
9:23 AM and your richard II paper, when paula totally ripped me apart and then collleen was just like 'steve, please try to concentrate"
honestly, shakespeare was jus' difficult
9:25 AM

steve kane, just keep doing you.
an irish woody allen ain't got nothin on you baby.

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