billy cassidy


we roped pots & pans to our calves galloped

east then west mock trials we are guilty in

honesty we fall down crunked on some-

thing speedy & unpronounceable he’s jamican

not african i think of you constantly i stutter

in buffoonery boyhood forebear superintendent thighs

she knows my ticklish why I tote in I’s

panic attack during the matinee

we soak our officialdom in honey mustard

pigroll belly-up in it cheers to backwash

i pet the dog & the dog barks twice

my hands attach to arms that’s what they tell me

the lesbians blare big band across the street

peddle walkie talkies framed stamps of elvis

elvis slept w/ 1000 ladies before Pricilla. died.

i use street signs as monkey bars

undergarments tophats

i am merely putting on my pants

the contractor plows driveways

lifts shed with metal claw


cuticles pushed down the roof meat pens

i am in a corner

in the cornerstore


saying hello


lung cancer did he smoke?

& i can still remember ripping my big toe on the

diving board town county swimming pools splash

we inhaled so much tar & feather up to knees in

prissy warm water your riddles, dixieland hasn’t

gated down yet outgrown farfetched have you far-

fetched your past? i’m not supposed to ask to be paid

for this but i’m rumbling & fed up of water crackers

somebody on the subway stuck up a joke this morning

i kept quiet & read about death death death death bas-

ketball a 9 letter word for hollywood & tanning beds


She licks the linoleum where I was standing

I don’t want love I want understanding &

Marriage welts in the water I’ve been chugged

& sunglasses now I have pimples soot instead

of sneakers the last time I saw a palm tree

was lsd’d & pink haired & inquired with a

polish woman rent a car for the wedding

festivities bring drunks! ribbons of a blast

the cake tasted like sofa the rich tan I feel

like an american! I have my opinions &

I do squat about it thanks for the pork chops

however, I gave that up I met a pig oh

yeah, the gloves the place you saw the film

about teenagers acting like teenagers on pills

the thinking someone threw something it was

a leaf leaving a tree fuck you surrealism I am

abstract & I lost my peep friends (brick sob)

(cracky goof smile) naptime in neptune I wear

my hats 8 at a time hair is pony greened rust

Don’t suck those mints! They have urine!

you are a spectral socialist and you have books books books books

i go to the reading and i eat snacks whereupon my appletree

i don’t mind i have paper work

the motor boat is jealous of the sail it’s like a model and a fat cousin

shower curtain is brown nerves are brown & my

My What A Day! Floodwatch & Sun. I saw Dustin Hoffman on the street

& another person who looked like my Uncle Thom ! How’s Angelina?

too bad families don’t understand poems nothing to understand

it’s like cutting lettuce into small clumps & then throwing it away

or difference between TV & TELEVISION the way everything

is photographed in photos tie dyed catwalks psychedelic, man

The time is 98 inches wide I’m dead

I’m back


I never believed in God but I did believe in the rabbit

really thinking carrots make you more genuine a lady

she is doing 5 minutes ago

maybe not thinking of me

I forgot your soft

heads in chest

I forget the fighting

jabbing duking

I remember Austin Texas

with all its coffee goodwill chinos no furniture

flies in vents parking garage deck lone star beer

I know how to touch a body grow a beard billiards

I can see 20 20 the icans & thronged boys

this whole thing is sad sad sad

sad sad sad

sad sad

i put my fingernails together splice hairs off a mole

murder moles with juicy fruit & hockey sticks i

played 9 innings a kid all myself with parks wall

i won & win & loss champion the kids now coming

out of jr high in ridgewood are rude gum chewers

bad beat listens fatty fats annoying great & young

before you get sick of me & this let’s go to the river!

stay up till 5am & drink not talk or look stare at the

grain do you have a car? isreali salad my pupils

are foible i’m shying away today buoy to that

lets pass out in your car

feet to head

wake up & fool

i never met you, billy, but i wish i'd had. or perhaps i don't wish that, because then this sad news would have been harder to hear. sometimes your poetry could see through reality like it was a glass of water left incidentally on a table. i hope you find peace where you ramble on.

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